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Hidden World: Capturing the Undercover Sounds of Brighton with Chris Watson, 2015


Lighthouse is a team with years of experience to offer consultancy on a range of creative, talent development initiatives, public realm commissioning and cultural placemaking.

Led by Alli Beddoes (CEO & Artistic Director), Emily Kyriakides (Business Development & Partnerships), and Sian Habell-Aili (Senior Producer), Lighthouse tailors consultancy packages to the needs of individuals and organisations.

We've worked with BFI, British Council, Arte Sonica Amplificada (Brazil) and Brighton & Hove Council, among others. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss working with us.

Working with artists

Lighthouse specialises in social impact and talent development, working with artists, filmmakers and creatives that go on to be leaders in their sector.

The Wave Epoch - Haroon Mirza, Elijah, Gaika & Jack Jelfs, 2017

Public Engagement

We deliver integrated community and stakeholder communications. We can produce projects that have a diverse array of support and engagement

Normal Not Novelty, ReImagined Futures & Red Bull Studios, 2017

Project Delivery

Our work ranges from commissioning temporary and permanent artworks, to collaborative landscape design and meanwhile programmes. Our projects maximise budgets by dovetailing into existing budget, therefore bringing a holistic approach throughout a scheme.

Installing Under the Shadow of the Drone, James Bridle, 2013

Cultural Partnerships

We believe great places work intrinsically with their city's creative and cultural partners bringing authentic, long-standing, sustainable culture to a new public space that is weaved within the city's identity.

Lighthouse Open Sessions with Normanton Street & Yogocop Records, 2018