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Let's Talk Public Art

Share your views on Public Art for the Brighton & Hove community
Lighthouse Consultancy

5 February 2021


Let’s Talk Public Art - A digital campfire and short film series

YOU are the public in Public Art!

We invite you to join us for a digital campfire to share thoughts and responses to what Public Art could and should be for Brighton & Hove over the next 10 years.

This online event consists of a panel table talk and Q&A session conducted via Zoom. Everyone will have the opportunity to be a part of the discussion that will help shape Brighton & Hove’s artistic future. Share your thoughts, ideas and collaborate with your community.

If you have any accessibility needs to participate in the event, please contact jessica@lighthouse.org.uk or call 01273 647197 for assistance.

NB: this event was held on 5 Feb 2021. A video recording of the event is below.

We invite you to contribute any thoughts or ideas via a short survey, closing Sunday 28th Feb 2021.
Five lucky people will be selected at random to receive limited-edition meal kits prepared especially by Lerato Foods. Click here to complete the survey.

You can also get in touch via tellusyourthoughts@lighthouse.org.uk.

All your responses will be presented to Brighton & Hove Council in order to form and develop a ten year Public Art strategy which will be used by the council and developers in the city. The Public Art Strategy will help commissioners to understand the ways in which artists, planners, investors and others can work together.

We want to involve as wide a range of people and groups in creating the values for the Strategy as possible. The aim is to set the direction of a shared vision for public art in the city and for all members of the community to be empowered to both participate in creating as well as experiencing it.

You can read more about Lighthouse's role in the strategy consultation here.

Starting the conversation about Public Art

To help you to start thinking about what the best Public Art might be for you and your community, Lighthouse have produced a series of short films with people from across the city to explore different ideas and possibilities of what public art could be for Brighton & Hove. We'd love to hear any feedback or responses. The trailer is available to view now, with five further short films released next week.

Speakers (in order of appearance) Emma Frankland, Elsa Monteith, Atif Choudhury, Matt Adams, Judith Ricketts, E-J Scott, Claire Potter, Amie Rae, Amartey Golding and Bobby Brown

About the Digital Campfire Panel


Dom Bailey, Co-Chair of the Brighton Experience Group and also Co-Founder of Baxter & Bailey


Nick Hibberd, Executive Director, Economy, Environment and Culture at BHCC

Atif Choudhury, CEO, Diversity & Ability

Judith Ricketts, Artist

A Digital Campfire - Recorded Event

The Films

Lighthouse's Code of Conduct

Lighthouse is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all. This includes safeguarding children, young people and all other participants across our activities, and a zero-tolerance of any behaviour that constitutes discrimination, bullying or harassment of any form.

It is our aim to create safe, supportive and nurturing online spaces for all, free from harassment, bullying or hate. We ask all attendees, speakers, hosts and team to work together in achieving an online safe space, to help us all do this we ask that the code of conduct is followed.

Please click here to read Lighthouse's full statement.

This project is produced in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council and Bridget Sawyers.

With thanks to everyone who helped to make a start to these conversations


Matt Adams, Blast Theory

Atif Choudhury, Diversity & Ability

E-J Scott

Judith Ricketts

Elsa Monteith

Emma Frankland

Claire Potter, Claire Potter Studio

Amie Rae, Onca Gallery

Amartey Golding

Bobby Brown


Thirty 10 Arts

Design and photography:

Erin James