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Exhibition by Alberto Ruiz Soler and William Fairbrother


Fabrica Gallery, Brighton

PASO, 2020





15-24 January 2021.

Where: Fabrica Gallery, 40 Duke St, Brighton.

Lighthouse in partnership with Fabrica presents Alberto Ruiz Soler and William Fairbrother’s new immersive spatial sound composition and experiential sensory sculpture, Paso.

Paso is a memorial to an extinct migration route. It remembers the chalk land bridge that once connected Britain to Europe and the animal migrants (including 3 species of early human) that crossed it until its collapse due to climate change 450,000 years ago.

Visitors are invited to take off their shoes, put on a pair of wireless headphones tracking their location in the space and explore the sound composition by walking barefoot across an expansive tactile floor sculpture.

Visitors will experience varying levels of temperature throughout the experience referencing the ‘seasonal’ nature of ice ages and changing sea levels that surrounded the bridge throughout its lifetime.

The exhibition is free, but booking a timeslot to attend is essential.


Visitor Information

The artists have designed this exhibition as a barefoot sound experience. If audience members have special requirements, disposable shoe/foot coverings are available.

The exhibition involves coconut fibre/horticultural coir floor surface. It is, therefore, unfortunately, not suitable for those with coconut allergies.

Please bring only limited belongings to the exhibition.

Warning of low lighting in the exhibition space.

There are strict time slots so please make sure to arrive 5 minutes before your time slot. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your timed slot, your ticket may be released.

Every care has been taken to ensure your visit to the Paso exhibition follows all Covid-19 government safety guidelines. The exhibition has been risk assessed and ratified by an external health and safety advisor.

The front of house team will wear face coverings and have been Covid safety trained. All visitors will also be required to wear a face covering.


Paso is intended to be a passing place that celebrates freedom of movement; it is free to visit and open to all, and offers a space to consider the topic of migration from a less human-centred perspective. Paso serves as a reminder of the many animal (including human) migration routes that are in jeopardy at the moment and into the future due to the accelerating effect of human decision-making and behaviours around the world.

Experience of the work encourages an attention away from vision, often understood to be Homo sapiens’ primary sense, to focus on close-listening and close-touch. It is an invitation to become more aware of our bodies and the way that they are present and interactive within an environment.

Since their initial residency at Lighthouse in 2019, the artists have been collaborating with Maria Oshodi, with the aim to create a work that is equal in quality for blind, visually-impaired and sighted visitors alike. Oshodi is Artistic director and CEO of Extant Theatre Company, Britain's only professional performing arts company of blind and partially sighted people.

The artists would also like to thank Sanjeev Gupta, leading expert on the landbridge for his collaboration.

Paso will be simultaneously launched as an AR app so that the audience can explore the sound composition and visualisations of the sculpture using their phone from wherever they are.


William Fairbrother is a non-anthropocentric artist and researcher based in London. His works usually involve collaborations with other researchers / creative practitioners and are focussed towards the use of art as a tool to enable less human-centred points of view. He designs with hominins in mind, our closest evolutionary ancestors and non-humans related to us, and is currently concentrated on developing physical experiences that prioritise the subordinate senses over vision which dominates the art sector and media-centric world we live in today. Selected exhibitions: Royal Academy of Arts 2016; IEEE VISAP Paris 2014. Selected writing: Gerald Moore Gallery 2017, EKSIG Denmark 2016, Performance Society by BooksFromTheFuture 2016.

Website: www.williamfairbrother.co.uk

Instagram: @williamfairbrother

Alberto Ruiz Soler
is a sound artist and composer researching how people perceive sound and categorise their sonic environment. He constructs listening experiences through contemporary dance, installations and generative art. He is part of internationally touring works with artists like Igor+Moreno, Lola Maury, Eva Recacha, Hannah Ringham & Glen Neath, Hetain Patel.

Website: www.albertoruizsoler.com

Instagram: @albertoruizsoler

Accessibility information

The exhibition is a friendly space, designed for blind, visually-impaired and sighted visitors alike, and adaptable to access needs.

For full venue accessibility information, please see https://www.fabrica.org.uk/accessibility or call 01273 778646.

The line is manned Mon to Friday 9am to 5pm. Office is closed from the 19th Dec 2020 to 3rd Jan 2021 for the Christmas break.

About the commission

Paso is produced by Lighthouse. Lighthouse is part of Re-Imagine Europe, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Re-Imagine Europe is initiated by Sonic Acts (NL) and coordinated by Paradiso (NL) in collaboration with Elevate Festival (AT), Lighthouse (UK), Ina GRM (FR), Landmark / Bergen Kunsthall (NO), A4 (SK), Disruption Network Lab (DE), Ràdio Web MACBA (ES), Urban Paradoxes (NL) and Kontejner (HR). The exhibition has been realised with the support of Arts Council England and Fabrica Gallery.

'Brink' is an earlier work, developed by the artists during a Research & Development residency at Lighthouse in 2019.